Vocal Recall Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions

Recording Audio

The Vocal Recall app will require access to your microphone in order to record audio. This audio is then sent to our server over a secure connection, where it is stored securely in an encrypted format. You have the right at any time to delete this audio permanently from our server by accessing your history list and deleting the audio. Your audio will not be shared with any third parties.

The encryption keys for decrypting the audio are stored in the URL in the QR code, and we do not store this anywhere except in your QR code and in an encrypted record of our own (the private key for decryption of which is kept securely off our server). This means that the URLs, and consequently the audio associated with them, will not be indexed by search engines and cannot be found by accident.

In some rare situations, the encryption may be compromised, and for this reason the encryption should be treated as a precaution rather than a cast-iron guarantee of privacy. These situations include:

User Data

In order to send QR codes we require your email address, which we keep in our database. We will not use this email address to contact you without first asking your permission.

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